samedi, juillet 01, 2006

Center for the Study of Islam & Democracy

Center for the Study of Islam & Democracy
CSID 7th Annual Conference Papers POSTED Online
ARTICLE: U.S. Pledges Full Support for Middle East Democratization (by David Shelby)
ARTICLE: Civil Society bodies eye talks with Islamic groups (The Peninsula)
ARTICLE: Arab-Americans Sue U.S. Over Re-entry Procedures (by NEIL MacFARQUHAR)
ARTICLE: Islam's Ann Coulter (by Stephen Julius Stein)
ARTICLE: Needed: A new policy on Islam (by Patrick J. Buchanan)
ARTICLE: Muslim Women Don't See Themselves as Oppressed, Survey Finds (by HELENA ANDREWS)
PRESS RELEASE: Syrian Authorities Escalate Security Campaign (CIHRS)
ARTICLE: Hamas and Fatah to Implicitly Recognize Israel (by Scott Wilson)
ARTICLE: Arab Anger Flares at Israeli Incursion (by LEE KEATH)
ARTICLE: No Women Chosen in Kuwait Vote (by Faiza Saleh Ambah)
ARTICLE: Poll: Turks Oppose Headscarf Ban, Back Religion (by Reuters)
ARTICLE: The long haul in Morocco (by Anouar Boukhars)
ARTICLE: Morocco Cracks Down on Islamist Opposition Group JSA (by Chris Zambelis)
ARTICLE: A veil of uncertainty (by Shahnaz Taplin Chinoy)
ARTICLE: U.S. silence on Egypt betrays democracy activists (by Jeffrey Azarva)
ARTICLE: A Democracy Policy in Ashes (by Joshua Muravchik)
ARTICLE: Think Again: Al Jazeera (by Hugh Miles)
NEW BOOK: NEW BOOK: Democratic Transitions Will Fail without Greater International Support (DCP and FRIDE)
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Atlas Essay Contest: Freedom in the West and in the Muslim World & Atlas Accepting Nominations for the Freda Utley Prize

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